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We offer a wide range of servicing in our onsite workshop, including:

  • Regular servicing, brake and transmission repairs
  • Servicing and repairs to suspension forks and rear shocks
  • Diagnosis of Shimano DI2 and electric bike faults

In the past we have used our engineering experience to repair and recover parts that are no longer available and the extent of our repairs varies from simple punctures to installing an electric assistance transmission to a tandem. We enjoy putting people back in the saddle.


Silver Service £55.00

  • Set up bike, gears, brakes
  • Check all bolts for torque

Gold Service £70.00

Everything in Silver service, plus...

  • Drive removed and cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner
  • True wheels
  • Check frame alignment & report any problems
  • Clean bike

Platinum Service £120.00

Everything in Gold service, plus...

  • Full strip to frame and forks
  • T-cut and polish frame
  • Clean all threads and facings
  • Strip, clean and reassemble all bearings including hubs, headset and bottom bracket
  • Reassemble bike

Platinum Service MTB Full Suspension £150.00

Everything in Platinum service, plus...

  • Disassemble frame, clean parts and replace pivot bearing if needed
  • Strip, clean and lubricate pivots
  • Service fork and rear shock
  • Reassemble frame with fresh lube and Locktite

Electric Bike Service £100.00

Service for Bosch, Shimano STEPS and Yamaha equiped electric bikes. Please note that we currently cannot undertake work on electric bikes using other systems.

  • Remove drive and degrease
  • Set up bike, gears, brakes
  • True Wheels
  • Check frame alignment & report any problems
  • Check all bolts for torque
  • Update firmware
  • Diagnosis of electrical problems

Other Charges

Hub Service £20.00

  • Strip, clean and rebuild wheel hub

True Wheel £20.00

  • True wheel for alignment and concentricity

Headset Service or Replacement £25.00

  • Strip clean and reassemble headset
  • Remove old headset
  • Press in cups and assemble

Bottom Bracket Service £30.00

  • Dismantle, clean and reassemble bottom bracket

Hydraulic Brake Service £25.00

  • Bleed brake and clean disc/braking surface
  • Price per brake

Transmission Service £35.00

  • Remove, degrease, reassemble and set up gears

Prices quoted do not include new parts which will be charged at additional cost.