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Bontrager MIK Trunk Wire Basket

33CM (L) X 39CM (W) X 29CM (H)
Special Order Product Only
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Get ready to take on the road with the 2023 MIK Trunk Wire Basket by BONTRAGER. This versatile rear bicycle basket offers an unbeatable combination of style and functionality with its mesh construction, padded handle and effortless installation and removal features.

The impressive MIK mounting system ensures a secure and integrated attachment with compatible racks. The padded handle lets you carry the basket without any hassle when off your bike. Make sure to stay within the 5kg (11lbs) capacity, ensuring everything remains secure and stable while you ride.

Understanding MIK - 'Mounting is Key - is simple. All it requires you to do is slide the MIK basket onto the MIK rack until you 'click' in place. When it's time to remove it, just use the provided key. With one press, the basket, along with its contents, can be lifted away.

With BONTRAGER's design philosophy of 'Better Together', our bags and racks are developed to function as one comprehensive system. Easy to install and remove, they promise to keep your precious cargo secure whilst on your travels. Plus, with the added benefit of built-in light mounting, you'll have an easily accessible spot for your light, perfect for those late night or early morning rides.

So, why wait? Make your ride a cut above the rest with the 2023 MIK Trunk Wire Basket by BONTRAGER, effortlessly combining style, functionality, and convenience!


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