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Finish Line Halo Wax Lubricant 4oz120ml Bottle and Smart Luber


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Revolutionise Your Ride

In pursuit of perfecting bicycle performance, Finish Line® brings to you its premium product from its HALO™ range - the HALO Wax Lubricant packaged in a handy 4oz/120ml bottle. The lubricant formulation is the cumulative effort of years of pioneering research and development in the field of bike lubrication. With a goal to reduce drivetrain friction and mechanical wear, HALO® Wax lubricant optimises drivetrain performance while extending the relubrication frequency intervals.

HALO® Wax Lubricant thrives in challenging dry and dusty riding conditions, ensuring maximum chain cleanliness. Once applied, expect it to dry to a solid wax layer - a protective covering that remains dry to touch. This lubricant offers both performance and practicality in one powerful package.

Every bottle of HALO® Wax Lubricant comes inclusive of Finish Line's innovative Smart Luber™. The Smart Luber™ revolutionises lubricant application, making it cleaner, more focused and more efficient by ensuring no link is missed and no lubrication is wasted.

Product Highlights

  • Low friction coefficient
  • Maintains chain cleanliness
  • Boosted drivetrain performance
  • Minimised chain and component wear
  • High resistance to pressure for high torque pedalling
  • Prolonged intervals between lubrication
  • Reduced chain vibration and noise

The core ingredients include the highly refined paraffin and spherical tungsten, augmenting the overall performance of the product. Further enhanced by ceramic boron nitride, a protective non-stick layer is created, significantly reducing wear and enhancing the life of your bike's drivetrain components.

Application Instructions: Shake the bottle thoroughly, apply onto a clean, dry chain and give it ample time to dry out (6-12 hours). Apply a second coat to reap maximum benefits from your HALO® WAX Lubricant. Useful in temperatures above 10°C, the lubricant can also be applied as a top-off on HALO® HOT WAX.