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Finish Line Halo Wet Lubricant 4oz120ml Bottle and Smart Luber


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Finish Line's Halo Wet Lubricant is a robust choice for your bicycle chain. This lubricant ensures outstanding performance throughout your ride, whether you're cycling in dry or wet conditions.

The Halo Wet chain lubricant is scientifically engineered to provide you with the ultimate drivetrain performance, reducing friction and minimising mechanical wear, even for extended periods of use. It's been exhaustively laboratory-tested, and approved by top professional teams, to provide ultra-low friction and superior mileage.

Enjoy the benefit of advanced water and rust resistance with the Halo Wet lubricant. It's a liquid formula that's quickly ready to enhance your ride as soon as it's applied.


Included in this package is Finish Line's patent-pending Smart Luber. This revolutionary tool ensures you're able to effectively and efficiently apply your lubricant without any mess or unnecessary wastage. It guarantees that no chain link gets missed and that your chain gets the perfect amount of lubricant every time, maximising your bike's performance and reducing maintenance time.


  • Promotes low friction
  • Helps maintain a clean chain
  • Boosts drivetrain efficiency
  • Minimises wear and extends component life
  • Provides extreme pressure resistance for optimal power output
  • Reduces the need for constant relubrication
  • Lowers chain vibration and noise


    Key components in the Halo Wet Lubricant include:
  • Gas-to-Liquid (GTL): This helps to reduce drivetrain noise, significantly cut down on friction, and maintain resilience in a variety of temperature ranges.
  • Spherical Tungsten: Micron-sized spheres provide a rolling effect that reduces sliding friction on the chain surface.
  • Ceramic: Treated with boron nitride, the chain is shielded with a non-stick protective coating that minimises wear and lengthens drivetrain component life.


    For optimal results, shake well before applying to a clean, dry chain. A second coat application can enhance performance and lengthen the intervals between re-lubrication.