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Profile Design AntiSlip Skinny Bar Wrap For Aerobars


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If maintaining a strong grip on your bike's aerobars is a real test, especially in wet or sweaty conditions, then our AntiSlip Skinny Bar Wrap from Profile Design could well be the solution to your problem. This bar wrap has been crafted specifically to enhance grip, providing a significantly improved handling experience for all cyclists - but particularly those competing in triathlons who must transition from swim to bike sections rapidly and in varying conditions.

At Profile Design, we understand that handlebar security is essential and one should never compromise it while cycling, be it on a leisurely ride or during extreme sports events. This is why we've designed a high-quality, anti-slip bar wrap that guarantees a secure and stable grip. It's a state-of-the-art product, crafted from a revolutionary material that feels secure without being bulky, ensuring you won't lose your grip during crucial transition moments.

One pack provides you with four pre-cut lengths of our top-quality anti-slip bar wrap, enough to cover one complete system. The bar wrap also features a sticky back, making it a breeze to apply to your system. At just 71g, this lightweight bar wrap from Profile Design won't add any unnecessary weight to your bike, making it an essential addition to your biking accessories.

Enhance your handlebar grip, optimise control and make every ride smoother with the AntiSlip Skinny Bar Wrap from Profile Design. Don't let poor grip slow you down – make the upgrade today.

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