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Bontrager 2022 Pro Keyed Folding Lock

Special Order Product Only
90CM (35.4"")
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A unique, 90 cm keyed folding bike lock that provides secure, reliable protection and folds into a compact, easy-to-carry package.
- 5 mm hardened steel construction provides secure protection
- Soft-touch coating for a smooth look and feel that protects your bike from scratches
- Storage mount with latch easily mounts to bike for secure transport
- A premium-keyed cylinder core provides added protection against lock-pickers
- Industry-leading corrosion resistance
- Includes folding lock, storage mount and two keys (replacement keys available)
- Security rating 10

Security Rating 10
Security rating of 10 offers advanced security and protection against theft. Great for locking your bike in higher-risk areas or for longer durations.