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Hiplok D


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Enveloping ultimate security in a sleek and compact design, the Hiplok D bike lock redefines the road to preventing bike theft. Driven by innovation, this lock encases an anti-angle grinder feature, making it the thorn in the side of any professional bicycle thief.

A 20mm graphene-reinforced premium hardened steel shackle entrenches the Hiplok D within the 'Sold Secure Diamond' category for both motorcycle and bicycle securities. This stately rating is testament to its formidable resistance against even the severest attacks from motorised tools, courtesy of the ingenious application of Ferosafe.

Ferosafe is the game-changer here - a graphene reinforced composite that confounds angle grinder cutting wheels and carbide tipped drills with its unique material combination. Expertly merged in a patent pending design, Ferosafe equips your Hiplok D with unparalleled anti-cut properties, all whilst maintaining its portability as a classic 'U Lock'.

This bicycle lock strides above its peers in security technology - spurning gimmick tech and connectivity. Instead, it invests in material science, engineering and construction, delivering authentic defence against determined theft attempts.

The Hiplok D also brandishes a square profile premium hardened steel core, ensuring protection against traditional attack methods. Additional user-friendly features include a rubberised outer surface to avoid bike scratching, a scalloped rubberised weather-proof key seal for easy access while wearing gloves, and three high-quality coded keys that come with a registration and replacement key program for safekeeping.

Trust in the smart construction of the Hiplok D, an optimised balance of portability, security, and user convenience. Upgrade your bike security now, and ride with peace of mind whenever, wherever.

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