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Enervit Chocolate & Cream Protein Bars

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Boost your energy with the Enervit's chocolate & cream protein bars during your next bike ride. Enervit's protein bars are packed with high-quality milk and soy proteins, essential vitamins and minerals, providing you with the nutrients you need to fuel your ride and support muscle recovery.

Each protein bar is gluten-free and devoid of palm oil, making it a healthy choice for all types of athletes. Enjoy these protein bars as a snack or consume them right after your workout for best results. They are not only beneficial for your muscles but also have an incredible taste that you would love.

**Directions of Use:**
We recommend the consumption of 1-2 Enervit protein bars daily, depending on your activity and the other protein sources in your diet. Don't forget to take it with suitable water intake to help facilitate absorption and digestion. For optimum benefits, consume it within 30-60 minutes of completing your workout. The protein in these bars can assist in the process of muscle recovery and rebuilding.

**Nutritional Information:**
For the detailed nutritional information, including energy, fat, carbohydrate, sugar, protein, and salt content per bar, please refer to the specific product descriptions given for each variant of protein bar.

Fructose glucose syrup, isolated soy proteins, milk chocolate, maltodextrin, oat flakes (gluten-free), sunflower oil, with other necessary ingredients that are specific to each variant. Please refer to specific product descriptions for detailed ingredient information. Some products may contain nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds.

Incorporate these Enervit protein bars into your daily diet to keep your energy levels topped up and to support the growth and recovery of your muscles. Available in a delicious range of enticing flavours, these protein bars are the perfect accompaniment to your active lifestyle.