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Enervit Triple Chocolate Protein Bars


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Get the powerful protein punch you need, with Enervit's delicious Triple Chocolate Protein Bars. Ideal for active individuals, our protein bars provide important nutritional support, whether you're focusing on content=""endurance, gym activities, lifestyle fitness, or team sports. Do not compromise on protein intake, feed your muscle mass years round.

The Enervit Triple Chocolate Protein Bars are rich in milk and soy protein, loaded with essential vitamins. They are crafted to be both gluten-free and palm oil-free, ensuring a healthy and nutritious snack that can be enjoyed guilt-free.

The best part? Not only do these bars assist your muscle growth and provide valuable nutrients, but they also taste incredible! Perfect as a post-workout snack or a daily treat to keep up with your protein needs.

**How To Use:**

We recommend 1-2 bars per day, based on your activity levels and other protein sources in your diet. Remember to accompany with plenty of water. For workout days, consume your protein bar within 30-60 minutes after your session, so your muscles get the protein they need for recovery and rebuilding.

**NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION**[Please refer to the useful table provided in the previous section]**INGREDIENTS**[Please refer to the ingredients detail provided in the previous section]

Packed with protein and infused with a delicious triple-chocolate flavour, the Enervit Protein Bars are a delectable way to power your active lifestyle. Ready to up your protein game? Grab these delicious bars today!

Please note that the product may contain nuts, peanuts, and sesame seeds. Always check the ingredients list on the product before consumption if you have any specific dietary requirements or allergies.