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Saddle Bontrager inForm Nebula Plus WSD 160mm Black
Length=265 mmLength=265 mm160 mm Black
GTIN: 768682336526
MPN: 432642

Out of stock


Saddle Bontrager inForm Nebula Plus WSD 170mm Black
Length=265 mmLength=265 mm170 mm Black
GTIN: 768682336540
MPN: 432643

Available to order


Bontrager Saddle Inform Nebula Plus Wsd 180Mm Black
Length=265 mmLength=265 mm180 mm Black
GTIN: 768682336564
MPN: 432644

Available to order


Manufacturer’s Description

Fitness Posture 4 features an upright pelvic rotation to go farther, faster;Women Specific Design is engineered to yield better fit and comfort for women;FlexForm design allows the saddle to pivot with the rider's natural pedal stroke;Contour Relief Zone (CRZ) recessed saddle cavity eases pressure on soft tissue;Size Specific Curvature ensures each saddle is designed specific to its width;inForm BioDynamic products optimize your natural movement for sustained, higher performance;