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Dan has been bike fitting for 20 years. Originally he did this based on his riding experience but more recently he has attended workshops (such as Level 2 Precision Fit from Trek) to enable him to understand the latest in biomechanics and to appreciate the dangers of having a bad position on the bike. A Bike Fit will enable you to ride your bike in the most efficient and safe manner. This will help you to avoid repetitive strain injuries and movements that will unbalance the bike.

Contact us and have a Bike Fit

A Bike Fit will allow you to ride your bike in the most efficient and safe manner.

If you are younger, you will be constantly growing and there is a need to ensure that you are positioned on the bike correctly. Riding both regularly and competitively in the wrong position can cause injury.

When you mature, your position is very important as the wrong position can result in long term injuries. It is important to use all your muscles equally and in proportion.

If you carry long term injuries from football or rugby in your youth, we can position you on the bike to protect these.

Dan who carries out these Bike Fits is a long term cyclist and has trained in the Trek Precision Bike Fit, covering riding:

  • Road
  • Triathlon
  • Mountain Biking
  • Time trialling

For more details see www.bikefit.co.uk

Our price for a full bike-fit is £120.00

Saddle recommendations

We offer a saddle measuring service from gebioMized and Trek Precision Fit which enables us to advise you on the best saddle for you, after inputting 8 personal parameters. The recommended saddle can then be fitted and ridden for 4 weeks and returned with a full credit if you are not satisfied.